Wednesday, November 28, 2007

guitar hero......z

if rustin can just post a video of a wonderful guitar player, then i can post some of my faves too. i call this segment "keeping up with the smiths, or, the smith" these characters are not quite as "classical" but they're innovative and good at their craft.

tommy's awesome. he's part of why you need to come to winfield. don't get scared by his facial expressions.

doyle is incredible. i enjoy his daughter haley's music as well. i chose this video in tribute to my cats. makes me want to rock back and forth real fast.

this video doesn't do james justice at all, but he's the best flat picker i've ever seen. go see the waybacks. you won't regret it.

not your typical guitarist. kaki is king. or queen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


man - there's been so much i could've blogged about in the last couple of weeks, but i'm just now getting around to it, so this will likely be filled with abrupt changes in topics and be random at best.

i went to seattle a couple of weeks ago for the first time. it was completely wonderful. i loved the people i was there with, loved the city, loved the conference i went to (it re-fired my passion for loving people and seeing a bigger picture of God), loved the food i got to eat (SO delicious; fresh seafood is the BEST! i was in heaven for a little bit), and loved looking out of the airplane window and watching the topography change from the midwest (or really just "mid," let's be honest) to west. i'm pretty happy with most of my pictures - feel free to check them out here. i cannot wait until i can travel again - it fufilled a longing in my heart that i often forget exists. it may be a sign that my fortune in my fortune cookie this evening read, "you will travel to many places." i'm super cool with that and now await a fortune that says, "you will have a great fortune and plenty of time off from work."

on top of that, i've also gotten to experience some wonderful joys/sorrows recently. some seemingly trivial, some major, but full of vitality and life regardless. a long phone call from a friend who has had a passion awakened within her (one that is similar to mine and tied in amazingly with the conference in seattle), supporting a dear friend who is struggling with life-changing issues of love, honesty, and family, receiving a wonderfully unexpected phone call from a friend that was out of town, hearing from a friend that i haven't heard from in a year and 1/2 (and finding out that she's married now and will be in town to visit soon!), being inspired by the found magazine/postsecret show i went to and having my heart tugged at as well as my laughing my booty off, going to a rock show, making a friend snort and cry because she was laughing so hard at my southern accent, remembering a friend that died a couple months ago, and oh yeah - recently getting my heart broken and knowing that i can't do anything about it.

i'm pretty sure i've cried more and harder in this last year than in any other year of my life to this point - and i was saying that in march! still, i think that as the end of the year comes all too quickly to a close, i can say that i have cared for and loved people with a larger portion of my heart, gotten to meet some extraordinary people, had brand new conversations, been continuously loved and stretched by God, and started to embrace changes that i want to make in my life this year. plus, right now i'm watching the first episode of project runway season 4 which makes me very happy, and i'm not really caring at the moment that almost every other t.v. show is not new because of the writers strike. i will not be so happy once LOST and 24 are affected, but that's another post!

also, i am so excited that different people (known and unknown) have been leaving comments on my last couple of blog posts! a big desire of mine for the last 1/2 a year or so has been to start networking with people and getting to know what and who's out there in the world. i'm slowly taking steps in that direction, and with any luck, i'll begin figuring out where my journey's heading. until then, i'll keep truckin' and playing my roll out piano. oh wait, strike that last part.