Friday, August 10, 2007

"they had to put their hands on it and play"

there is a reason i stay up late when i'm not working, and there is also a reason why now having cable for the first time in a few years may just ruin me. at about 1:00a.m. the other night i stumbled upon an infomercial that may just change my life, or at least potentially ruin an entire population of future pianists. the roll out keyboard. "now everyone can get it on the action!"

i took several snap shots of my television to document such an event, but really, i shouldn't taint your views with mine about this product. wait! this is MY blog and when has anything stopped me before?

do please check out giovanni, the "mastermind" behind this phenomenon, who basically is a mix of john tesh and yanni...i mean, when you think about it, the name "giovanni" is almost a combination of both names, save the "v." perhaps v is for vendetta in my case, because someone has murdered the beauty that is the piano and the proper technique that comes with actually learning to play from a piano teacher on an actual piano with non-flat keys. convenience is ruining the nation. but, the thought of this gadget being played as part of a band, or being pulled out for a family fun sing-a-long gave me a good laugh, so thanks for the memories gio.

if you ever decide to buy such a product, be assured that i would have to come check it out for myself, but do be forewarned that i may just have to burn it afterwards... even though it has more gadgets than my expensive full size keyboard. technology - the loathing and the loving....