Saturday, December 09, 2006

the results are in...

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Day 15 answer: No Dove

Well everyone, the results are in, and the winner of Dove or No Dove and the fabulous prize package is.... ANONYMOUS! Whoever thought they would be better off answering anonymously was not correct because now I can't prove who the clear winner is, and that/those person(s) can't get the fabulous prizes. No Dove for you! Thanks to all of you who played, or at least prayed about playing, and we'll see you next time on (say it together everyone) DOVE or NO DOVE!!!

p.s. As far as official entries are concerned, Chad and Jami were tied with 3 correct answers a piece, but sorry to say, there is no consolation prize. Maybe next year...

day 15

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Day 14 answer: Dove

Day 15: All I want for Christmas is you.

day 14

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Day 13 answer: No Dove

Day 14: Spending time is a greater gift than spending money.

day 13

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Day 12 answer: No Dove

Day 13: Holidays are better when shared with friends.

day 12

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Day 11 answer: No Dove for you!

Come on now, you know you want to play....

Day 12: Bring in da noise, bring in da Christmas.

day 11

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Day 10 answer: Dove

Day 11: Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "yoo hoo."

day 10

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Day 9 answer: No Dove

Day 10: Joy is contagious.

day 9

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Day 8 answer: Dove

Day 9: 'Tis the season for warmth and love.

day 8

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Day 7 answer: Dove

Day 8: Always give from the heart.

day 7

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Day 6 answer: No Dove

Day 7: Your presence is often the best present.

day 6

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Day 5 answer: Dove

Day 6: Holidays are the best days.

day 5

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Day 4 answer: No Dove
I am so good at fooling you!

Day 5: Promise yourself some relaxing holiday moments.

day 4

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Should I just give the prize package to Kim? She seems to be the only one that's serious about taking a shot at it. Oh wait, you have other things to do besides just read and respond to my blog? Interesting....

Day 3 answer: No Dove ha ha! gotcha suckaz!

Day 4: It is in giving we get the best gift.

day 3

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Day 2 answer: Sadly, No Dove

Day 3: Treat everyday as a new day.

day 2

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Day 1 answer: Dove

Day 2: Hey Santa! Do you like Gumbo?


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So, I've decided to play a little holiday game. Starting December 10 and (hopefully) everday until Christmas Day, I will post a new comment. It is your job as my faithful readers, to leave a comment on my blog as to whether or not you think my comment of the day is from a Dove chocolate wrapper or a quote from somewhere/one else (a.k.a. no Dove). Respond with "Dove" or "No Dove" each day, and come back to my blog the following day to read the previous day's answer and see that day's new comment. After Christmas Day is finished, I will tally each reader's score, and the winner will win a fabulous prize package worth an undisclosed amount of money. Ready, set, GO!!

Day 1: Friendship is a gift in itself.