Monday, January 01, 2007

not much rhymes with 7

now that it's 2007, i decided to make a list of things/people that made 2006 for me. so, here goes...

*Thomas Hernandez (former boyfriend)
*Rustin Smith (friend/musician/teacher)
*Sarah Schultz (friend/roommate)
*Leslie Tripp (band leader/song writer/friend)
*Dylan Reiter (friend/musician)
*Mario (not Lopez/hot guy/Mexican)
*Mallory Ginn (sister)
*Christy Tatum (CFY supervisor at work)
*Maya Needham (friend)
*Erin Gurss (friend)
*A.W. (student with autism)
*Josie McClernon (coworker/friend)
*Andrew Elliott (former coworker)
*Susan and Gary Ripple (friends/pseudo parents)
*Moses (the coolest African I know)
*Morgan Spurlock (documentary film maker)

*Ray Lamontagne
*Panic! At the Disco
*The Raconteurs
*Casey Driessen
*The Waybacks
*The Greencards
*Lynn Miles
*Haley Dykes
*Badly Drawn Boy

*finishing my Clinical Fellowship Year at work
*having a boyfriend
*rediscovering kissing
*the Mill Creek band
*ALPHA conference
*Christ Church ALPHA
*Autism conference
*Leslie Tripp (the band, the people, the music)
*living with Lucy (the dog, the pain, the legend)
*moving again
*house sitting for my aunt
*receiving unsettling letters about my future job status in the mail
*my parents moving
*working at Chick African Schule school
*small group
*seeing A Prairie Home Companion not once, but twice, and the conversation witnessed between Sarah and Donna as I was seated in the back seat of Donna's car in the parking lot after the second viewing
*seeing good friends get engaged, married, or have babies
*starting to think about what I want to do with my life and not being afraid of dreaming again

MOVIES (both discovered, and new):
*Dave Chappelle's Block Party
*Word Wars
*In Her Shoes
*The Prestige
*The Pursuit of Happyness
*The Holiday
*V for Vendetta
*the long awaited For Your Consideration

*Project Runway
*30 Days
*Tide to Go
*coffee (who knew?)
*Lipton Green Tea
*salsa dancing
*screen printing (thank you Sarah)
*$5 weekday movies at the Ward Parkway AMC
*Forever 21
*Progressive Auto Insurance
*my 1st pair of Pumas
*Take It To the Limit
*Core Rhythms
*still having a job

thanks to all of you for reading this blog, and being a part of my life. happy 2007!