Friday, September 30, 2005

background singers (as promised)

so i googled "background singers" and was pleased to see that the following hits came up. the first one was for and an interview with queenie lenox. the second was a website requesting background singers for shows in las vegas. the third hit was siting a quote by della reese which mentioned the background singers of ray charles, smokey robinson, and barry white, and the 8th hit was talking about background singers for kanye west. other hits mentioned college courses at berkley for background singers, background singers needed on a uk website for christian artists, and a grammy website which was discussing the need for background singers to look their best. so, i have concluded the following: to be a background singer is not only important, but is also my christian/gospel obligation as is my obligation to be in las vegas shows, be concerned with fashion and education, sing with famous soul artists, and say such intelligent things as "bah dah bah dah, bah dah bah dah Bah dah bah dah, bah dah bah" when singing along with my kanye west compact disc. lots of responsibility if you ask me. and, with that long list of obligations i would say it is not only worth getting paid for, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

the (not) first time, but many, i'm sure

i am capable of writing complete sentences - don't you worry. the title refers to the fact that this is my first of many thoughts on my blog. it's not my first time, but i haven't blogged in over a year, so for the one person (me) that's reading this now, there's my update (to myself).

so the question of the day is simply this, "is it weird that i'm eating cheez-its in my chicken noodle soup?" i've never done this sort of thing before, but i needed some extra change to buy a soda, so i bought the crackers out of the vending machine because that machine actually takes dollars. it's pretty tasty actually, so i guess my answer is either no it's not weird, or yes it is weird but i like it anyway so back off. side note: i also burned the poop out of my fingers with the hot soup today, so i have to smack myself for not bringing a hot pad with me to work. i'll wear an oven mit tomorrow.

well, i have approximately 4 minutes until i must see my next group of students for therapy, and so i will leave you now. tomorrow's question of the day will be "background singers: is getting paid to sing in phrases and hum really worth the effort?"