Friday, July 21, 2006

But one of these people is having the best week ever….

(second grader, extremely smart and hilarious who henceforth shall be referred to as "He”): I liked this girl Tamia but I didn’t really want to tell my friends because they wouldn’t get it, and plus she doesn’t go to school here anymore. I liked three girls when I was in first grade, but it was just too much drama.

Me: Too much drama, huh?

He: Ya, this is like a soap opera school really.

Me: (laughing) It is, huh?

He: Ya, I found out this one girl liked me but she went Young and the Restless on me.

Me: (still laughing) Really. What do you mean by that?

He: Do you watch Young and the Restless ever?

Me: I've seen it before, but I don’t watch soap operas.

He: Well, my mom LOVES Young and the Restless. Anyway, see this girl said she wasn’t gonna waste her time liking me when I liked another girl.

Me: That makes sense I guess. You crack me up.

He: I try.

(later in the conversation I mention again that he makes me laugh)

He: I’m doing the best I can here, but I’ve already used the “Young and the Restless” line on ya, and I’m running out of material. I need some new lines.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the elements as they say are coming together, sir.

i pine, i plead, i parish. we all miss the days of 'yore (and i'm not refering to the time where apothecary tables reigned - think "friends") but rather the days of that tgif classic, full house. america's sweetheart jodie sweetin (the famed stephanie tanner) has gotten herself into a bit of a pickle since the show as tiffany so elequently pointed out here among other things, and if that weren't enough, it appears that the days of singing "i saw the sign" with gia and kimmy in the band are in fact dead and over. tying in with igford's (or doug's - i can't remember which) blog post here however, the beloved jodie sweetin appears to be making a "comeback" of sorts, although i don't know that her latest gig is anyone's dream job, since i bargain to say that some of you probably have had nightmares less gruesome.

the kc star tipped me off last week to not-so-sweetin's latest gig hosting the fuse network's second season of "pants off dance off" (starting july 18) in which people will be "dancing to a video in the background while undressing to their underwear." at your own risk/discretion, visit the website and join with me in thinking that being on what tv guide claimed to be "the dumbest show on t.v." is NOT a "comeback." that's got to be something you do on your way out of stardome, not on your way back in. danny tanner, where's your intervention now when she REALLY needs you? seriously.